Professional Lighting Services & Water Drainage / Grading

Add beauty, security, and functionality to your home with lighting services and water drainage/grading from Garden Masters, LLC in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. We are certified in low voltage landscape lighting and water drainage/grading services.

Lighting & Water Drainage/Grading

Improve the evening allure of your home with our lighting and water drainage / grading services. We keep your home safe and sound.

Landscape Lighting

Keep your home safe and well-lit with our lighting services. We professionally design and install lighting specifically for the needs of your home. Our lighting designs create a great living experience based on comfort, security, and a welcoming environment. These designs use LED energy-efficient fixtures that are interchangeable with older fixtures.

In conjunction with our hardscaping services, landscape lighting is able to highlight walls, walkways, patios and your home's aesthetics and architectural features. All of our services are installed by our highly-skilled staff and lighting is usually completed in one day.

Lighting Demonstrations

Try before you buy with our lighting demonstrations. We install a temporary landscape lighting system for 3-5 days that allows you to decide if landscaping lighting is the right choice for you and your property. If you choose to purchase a lighting system, it is installed to your exact specifications.

When you choose us for landscape lighting systems, you only receive products from the best manufacturers in the industry. They all include unique fixtures and options. For lighting systems, we only provide fixtures, transformers, and systems that offer lifetime value to your property. We can offer extended warranties on transformers and fixtures and low-cost maintenance plans for adjustments and bulb replacements.

Water Grading / Drainage

Improve your drainage and water systems with our services. We offer the following services:

  • Identify Landscape Solutions That Are Relevant to Successful Water Drainage
  • Prove Soil Testing Services
  • Add Soil Amendments to Relieve Soil Compaction & Improve Drainage
  • Provide Grading Solutions with All New Landscaping Installations
  • Provide Natural & Install Drains & Pipes to Solve Water Movement Problems
  • Adhere to All Town & Country Drainage Requirements
  • Many types of terrace walls to redirect drainage and also add beauty to your yard
  • Rain Gardens: Provide Plants That Work Well in Dry or Wet Areas to Help Water Absorption